Better weed control arrives for orchards, vineyards and fruit

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Independent trials of our tractor-powered eWeeder have continued in orchards, with results showing that RootWave delivers full control of weeds – just as they did in sugar beet and maize.

Our specialist machine for orchards and vineyards will be launched in the UK in 2024, and can be pre-ordered now. Fruit growers are likely to be excited by the latest data from the trials in the UK.

The trials were conducted by independent Contract Research Organisations (CRO) during the summer of 2022 in commercial orchards in the West of England. Test plots were replicated comparing typical chemical herbicide programmes, mechanical hoeing and untreated controls.

Full control of weeds

RootWave tractor-powered eWeeder has delivered full control of weeds. Comparing very favourably with chemical and mechanical treatments.

CEO Andrew Diprose said: “RootWave delivers better weed control in fewer treatments at a lower cost. It will become the indispensable tool for farmers that want effective weed control without any environmental issues.

“Our technology is certified organic and dosen’t disturb the soil, it helps nature restore its soils, water and biodiversity.”

Our patented use of high frequency electricity for weed control is fundamentally safer than DC or standard 50 hertz (Hz).

How it works

Electricity provides full control of weeds by boiling them from the root upwards. This is an advantage over other methods that cut, burn or boil the weed above the surface, leaving the roots intact.

The machine is powered by a standard tractor, can operate in a range of crops and weather, and treat near water courses and sensitive environments. This gives growers unmatched flexibility over treatment windows and scheduling.

During 2023 we will be demonstrating our eWeeder at a series of events, including Fruit Focus 2023 in July. Growers can reserve their machine now by visiting

Untreated control

Trial notes and observations

  • Location: Gloucestershire, England
  • Date: July – September 2022
  • Trial Management: Independent CRO
  • Crop: Commercial orchard, organic apples
  • Details: Replicated trials vs mechanical weeding with untreated controls
  • Weed height: Up to 40cm

eWeeding observations

  • Full control with fewer treatments
  • Up to 93% control of 30-40cm high weeds
  • Lower energy use
  • Soil undisturbed

Two weeks after treatment

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