RootWave uses electricity to boil weeds from the root upwards.

RootWave’s™ technology kills weeds using electricity while helping nature restore soils, water and biodiversity.


No chemicals or water and can be powered by renewable energy.


No-till technology to create healthy soils and capture carbon.


eWeeding is cost comparable with using herbicides.

Safety patents

RootWave has patented the use of high frequency electricity to kill weeds, which is orders of magnitude safer for operators and bystanders than DC.

RootWave eWeeder for Fruit

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The RootWave eWeeder for Fruit provides full control of weeds without chemicals. Order now and take advantage of available Defra grant funding of £50,000.

Electricity treats deep into the roots meaning RootWave is ideal for treating all weeds.

Electricide™ is a brand name of proprietary products and technology developed by RootWave which uses electricity to kill weeds.