Strong grower interest as weeds zapped at demo events

During August we demonstrated our new eWeeder for fruit at four commercial orchards and vineyards in Kent and Herefordshire. There was a lot of interest from growers and agronomists with over 100 booked to attend the events.

Growers were able to see the machine treating weeds within tree and vine rows, before interacting with experts from RootWave. They were very interested in the benefits of eWeeding, like the wider treatment windows and the fact that electricity kills the weed and its roots without disturbing the soil.

The eWeeder delivered great results in a commercial setting, as our technology has done in independent trials, where efficacy has been better than herbicides. The picture below is 9 days after treatment at an orchard in Ross-on-Wye. While one of our hosts in Kent contacted us two days after treatment with a video of him inspecting the vines. He said: “All the weeds have died and browned off, even the weed types that are tough to kill. The comparison with the untreated areas is like chalk and cheese. What a great machine!”

Ross-on-Wye orchard 9 days post treatment

What growers said:

The events concluded with a Q&A session and discussion with growers. These proved to be useful as growers learned about the capabilities of the machine, and the cost benefits of switching to eWeeding. They were also able to suggest features that would be useful to them in their orchard or vineyard.

Here is some of their feedback:

  • “The RootWave eWeeder means we will only need 1 tractor instead of 2 dedicated to weeding and reduce our workforce by 1 FTE, the cost benefits will be significant” Large organic orchard grower.
  • “The operating window and hectares covered in a season is game changing for us” Large top fruit & arable farmer.
  • “It makes total sense” Large orchard Grower
  • “I love the fact that eWeeding won’t damage my soil, where have you guys been!” Large vineyard

Order now for 2024 delivery

The reservation list for 2024 delivery is almost full, but there is still a chance to secure a machine for next year. Growers can request a demonstration of the machine at their orchard or vineyard this autumn via the form below

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