Better Weed Control.

Systemic action. Zero chemicals.

RootWave kills weeds using electricity to give better weed control whilst protecting health and helping nature restore its soils, water and biodiversity.

Designed for vineyards, orchards and bush fruit – the RootWave eWeeder for fruit kills all weeds and their roots. eWeeding generates heat within the weed and root, killing it instantly.

Reserve your machine for orchards and vineyards. First orders get spring 2024 delivery.

Why RootWave?

The most effective, economical, environmentally friendly and safe weed control on the market. eWeeding is the only non-chemical solution that kills weed and root without disturbing the soil.

We do things differently, we use waveforms that are intrinsically safer, and we use control systems that allow us to manage every joule of energy that flows through the system in real time – to produce the most effective, efficient and safest weed control available.

Better Weed Control

  • Better efficacy

    eWeeding is systemic weed control. Electricity generates heat within the weed itself, which treats deep into the roots killing the whole plant.

  • Better safety

    RootWave has patented the use of electricity to kill weeds at high frequencies, which is intrinsically safer. In fact, it’s 10,000 times less likely to cause cardiac arrest, compared to 50Hz and 2,500 less likely compared to Direct Current (DC).

  • Better afforability

    Farmers will save money on a per hectare, per season basis when using eWeeding.

  • Better flexibility

    Treat when windy, immediately before and after rain, near water courses and in environmentally sensitive areas. eWeeding means growers can plan treatment programmes to fit in with busy farm schedules and treat when best for the crop.

  • Better soils

    RootWave is friendly for micro and macrofauna including earthworms, and doesn’t disturb the soil, allowing it to heal and capture more carbon.

  • Better health

    eWeeding is chemical-free keeping the environment and food safe and free of harmful chemical residues.

Technical specifications*

  • Safer: high frequency electricity

    Our patented use of electricity at high frequencies is intrinsically safer.

  • Powerful: 36-60kW*

    We provide the targeted use of power when it is needed ensuring smooth running and optimum efficiency. *Range based on tractor power from 75-125hp

  • Versatile: Vineyards, orchards and more

    Ideal for vineyards and orchards, it works effciently under and around trees, vines and bushes.

  • Speed: up-to 5 km/h

    with passive arms to work gently around your crops.

  • Row width: 1.8m - 4m

    Hydraulic arms easily adjusted from your tractor cab to treat desired widths.

  • Treatment width: 0.3m – 0.6m x2

    Electrode arrays are adjustable to treat the weed free strip needed for your crop.

  • Tractor power: 75hp

    Powered by your tractor via the PTO, minimum tractor power required 75hp.

  • Weight: 1,200kg

    Small and light for easy manoeuvrability, transport and storage.

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A limited number of eWeeders are available for 2024 delivery. You can secure a £6,000 discount, get a 3-year warranty and ensure prioirty delivery now with a £5,000 returnable deposit.

The first growers to reserve a RootWave eWeeder get delivery in 2024, and exclusive benefits as an early adopter:

  • £6,000 discount**
  • Extended 3-year warranty
  • Priority on-farm demonstration
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    * Technical specifications are subject to change

    **Order must be placed by 12th December 2023. Discount offer limited and RootWave (Ubiqutek Ltd) reserve the right to end the promotion at any time. £6,000 discount is based on machine price of £89,950. Offer only available to customers in the UK. Final order confirmation and full deposit to be paid 6 months before delivery. Machines to be delivered starting 2024.