RootWave showcases new machine at demo events

RootWave has held a series of successful demonstration events for its first tractor-powered eWeeding machine for orchards, vineyards and fruit.

The RootWave machine treats weeds in the rows of vines, orchards and bushes using treatment electrodes on purpose-designed hydraulic arms allowing the machine to work seamlessly between different crops and row widths. The treatment uses higher-frequency waveform electricity, which creates heat energy within the weed and roots boiling them from the inside out.

Growers and industry stakeholders attended a series of demonstration events in Kent and Herefordshire to see first-hand the machine working in commercial crops. RootWave CEO Andrew Diprose said: “It has been wonderful to meet so many growers and understand their weed control challenges, it is clear the new RootWave eWeeder will be an important tool in the management of weeds in fruit crops. The benefits of eWeeding are many and without the use restrictions typically associated with herbicides our machine will provide growers with unmatched flexibility in application timing and exceptional weed control throughout the year!’’

“Our technology is certified organic and it helps nature to restore its soils and water, we are certain eWeeding will become the indispensable tool for farmers that want effective weed control, but without the negative effects to the environment”.

Lower energy use

In the company’s own tests eWeeding provided full control of weeds at a lower total energy use than chemical herbicides.

Mr Diprose said: “RootWave delivers the most effective, economical, environmentally friendly and safe weed control on the market. It works so well because the plant and roots are killed by heat generated within the weed itself and the number of applications needed in a season is comparable to that of herbicides and less than required for mechanical weeding”.

“We are the only eWeeding provider using high-frequency electricity, which is known to be intrinsically safer than standard 50Hz or DC wave forms.”

The company plan to deliver the first machines to UK customers starting Q1, 2024, and anyone wanting to adopt eWeeding in 2024 are encouraged to reserve a machine now.

Mr Diprose added: “it is clear growers want a better solution for managing weeds and as a result they have been eager to reserve a machine, we only have a handful still available for delivery in 2024”.

See more about our tractor-powered eWeeder here.