Naveen Maruthachalam

Team stories: Why I joined RootWave – Naveen Maruthachalam

Naveen Maruthachalam joined RootWave in November 2021 as Digital and Embedded Software Manager – he has nearly 15 years of experience as a software manager and engineer. He is now looking to build a flexible multi-disciplinary embedded software team to support RootWave’s growing range of products.

“I chose RootWave because the company is growing, and it is growing because it has game-changing new technology. That is a great prospect for any engineer, but I also love that our products could make such a positive impact on the environment – that fits well with me and my personal values.

“The company is about to scale the technology across a range of products, and they want to build a solid software foundation with ease-of-use for the customer at its heart. Equally important will be to create a digital offering that works for the customer, a system that takes their data to help them make informed weed management decisions. To be in a position to create a team to deliver this is a really enticing challenge for me.

“I am customer focussed – I want to develop products that the customer loves using and that they will come back to again and again. My job is to always keep the customer at the front of our minds. The challenge at RootWave is that we have technology that can work in several different environments and scenarios, as part of the core architecture team we have to build a foundation that will help produce consistently good products.

“That means looking at the details from all scenarios, analysing the differences, but importantly the similarities, so that we get the best possible platform. It is a big challenge but getting it right can unlock so many opportunities for the company, I love that.

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“I want to build a team with a range of skills that is dynamic, flexible and one where we can all learn from each other. I have found the existing team and RootWave to be so welcoming and supportive. There is a positive atmosphere here, it feels like we are working on something special. Everyone wants to go the extra mile, but everyone listens too – I feel respected and valued – it is inspiring.

“I have managed teams of up to fifteen people in the past, based across multiple locations. RootWave is happy to support flexible and hybrid working opportunities, so I know I can get on and put together a great team that will deliver a great customer experience.

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“Its never boring here, everyday is new and it really feels like we are making progress. I like getting into the detail and I like the idea that what we are doing now is going to benefit our customers for five, ten or even 15 years to come.

“I come from a safety critical software background where I have delivered software at various safety levels. In other words, this involves following a formal software development life cycle, which is something I have already started implementing at RootWave. I am looking forward to having a team around me that can bring the skills we need to deliver a platform that works across a range of products, in a range of environments and most importantly for a range of customers.”


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