English Heritage adopts RootWave Pro as main method of weed control

English Heritage are delighted to announce that they are adopting RootWave Pro as the main method of weed control after successful years of trials within their Organic Garden at Audley End House & Gardens.

Managing weeds in an Organic Garden without using chemicals is a major challenge as it typically involves weeding by hand which is extremely labour intensive and often results in roots being left in the ground to regrow.

RootWave Pro uses electricity to boil weeds inside out from the root upwards without disturbing the soil. It is a sustainable and economical solution helping organisations around the world manage their weeds without chemicals.

Christopher Weddell, Senior Gardens Advisor Gardens & Landscape Team, English Heritage comments “”.

Andrew Diprose, CEO RootWave, comments “We are absolutely delighted that English Heritage has joined a growing list of organisations that are choosing RootWave Pro to organically manage their weeds and reduce costs.