Record breaking revenue quarter for RootWave

The award-winning electrical hand-weeder RootWave Pro generated record sales revenue during Q2 2023.

Driven predominantly by sales in the UK, Germany, and France, the product has now sold over 150 units since it was launched.

RootWave established a distributor in France in 2022, and shipped 10 eWeeders to a single customer during its first months of operation. However the current quarter has outstripped previous records, as sales to private companies and local authorities in the UK aligned with continued interest within the EU.

RootWave Pro has been most popular in countries where glyphosate is restricted, for example Netherlands where there are over 60 units in operation. Customers there are very happy with the performance of the product.

With a decision looming on the horizon regarding the future of glyphosate within Europe, it is likely that sales will continue to be strong across the continent.

Global Head of Sales Stephen Jelley said: “Glyphosate is coming under continual regulatory and legal pressure. In some EU countries it is already banned in public spaces, and in the UK we’re seeing a clear user-led desire to reduce its use.

“There are some weed control scenarios, for example tough invasive species like Japanese Knotweed, where people are finding RootWave’s ability to treat the plant above the ground AND the roots below it very valuable.”

In the UK, customers include Transport for London, English Heritage and several local authorities.

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